How School Neuropsychology is Helping More Students Succeed

by | Dec 14, 2017 | Psychotherapist

Many modern parents and families are aware that school psychologists play a large role in helping all members of their students’ educational teams work together. From broadening parents’ perspectives to helping teachers create new educational strategies for learners with disabilities, these professionals are a vital part of today’s school environment. Some districts have even gone a step further, in bringing in whole-brain evaluation and education through school neuropsychologists.

What is a School Neuropsychologist?

A school neuropsychologist is a professional who utilizes both clinical and educational psychology, along with a more brain-based approach to evaluation and treatment for students struggling with many disorders and disabilities. This may include children dealing with ADHD, autism spectrum disorders and many other problems that might otherwise hinder learning.

The job of the academic neuropsychologist is to provide not only the tools and techniques for testing these students to find disorders and other learning issues, but also to provide coping skills and techniques for students, parents and teachers. Using neurocognitive rehabilitation techniques often applied to private practice in the academic setting, children can focus their efforts on excelling in school as well as in everyday life.

Finding the Help Your Child Needs

School-appointed or employed neuropsychologists can be extremely beneficial to students dealing with many educational, emotional and behavioral issues. Unfortunately, their employ is not standard in all schools or even a majority thereof. For the time being, most parents who believe their child needs neuropsychological services are best served to find an independent provider who is willing to work with their school.

For the support that both you and your child need to improve their grades, increase their social skills and help in coping with disorders and disabilities that your school’s staff may not be equipped to assist you with, contact New Jersey neuropsychologist Dr. Joshua Shifrin. You’ll get the information you want, and your child will get the help they need to succeed. You can connect with them on Google+ for more updates!

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