In Vitro Fertilization Could Make Your Pregnancy Happen in San Francisco, CA

Becoming pregnant is supposed to be a natural process that happens with ease. You’ve watched your friends and family members share their baby stories. You’ve been waiting for far too long. If you have been actively trying to conceive a baby for at least a year, or six months if you have passed your 35th birthday, it’s time to get professional help. A fertility specialist can evaluate you and your partner. The first step will be to pinpoint the source of your difficulties with conception. You may be advised to try fertility medications to pave the way to pregnancy. If you still aren’t successful in conceiving, IVF pregnancy in San Francisco, CA may be a solution.

IVF pregnancy in San Francisco, CA is a process for egg fertilization outside the body. You’ll be given fertility medications that will help your body to produce a larger number or eggs. These eggs will be collected by your fertility team. A sperm sample will be taken from your partner. It will be cleansed before it is added to your eggs. Your samples will be monitored for up to 24 hours while fertilization occurs. The best of your embryos will then be implanted in your uterus by your fertility specialist. From that point, the waiting period will begin. Any extra embryos can be preserved in the event you want to try to conceive again in the future or your first round of treatments is not successful. Learn more about your fertility options when you visit Laurel Fertility Care.

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