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by | May 28, 2019 | Ear Infection

Many years ago, there was little that could be done for someone losing their hearing. Though there were hearing aid devices, they were often clunky, unattractive, and ineffective. Thankfully, many advances have occurred over the years, allowing people to regain their hearing without intrusive devices. Many hearing aids now are so discreet and can be tucked into the ear canal so no one can see them. When it comes to hearing aid services, people now have more options than ever before.

These styles are now available when a person is considering a hearing aid:
1. A completely in the canal, also known as a CIC, is the most discreet hearing aid because it fits in inside the ear canal and cannot be seen by others. This style of hearing aid treats mild to moderate hearing loss. Though many prefer it for its small size, it does not have volume control and can become clogged with ear wax.

2. An in-canal hearing aid fits partially inside the canal and is specifically molded to cover the opening. In-canal hearing aids can treat moderate to severe hearing loss. Just as the CIC type of hearing aid, the in-canal can also be prone to being clogged with wax.

3. In the ear, shell hearing aids can be made to fit the upper or lower curve of the ear. This type features volume control and is typically easier to put in place. This style is visible by others because it fits around the outside of the ear.

4. Behind the ear, models clip behind the ear and feature a tube that runs to the canal. The tube is attached to a custom earpiece that allows the person to hear. This type can treat people of all ages and levels of hearing loss.

Those who are in need of hearing aid services can visit us to learn more. They can help people regain the ability to hear through devices that are made to be comfortable and as discreet as possible. Contact them and allow them to help you get started. Schedule a consultation appointment so you can learn more about hearing loss and what can be done to treat it.

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