Options to Consider with Meal Preparation Services

by | Sep 9, 2015 | Senior Living

One of the benefits of living in an assisted living facility is access to prepared meals. What many people do not realize is that it is possible to request meals other than the main menu for the day. Here are some of the options to think about when considering the use of Meal Preparation Services in an assisted living environment.

Special Dietary Needs

For some people, it is necessary to limit or even avoid consumption of certain types of foods. For example, people with type 2 diabetes would want to keep the intake of simple carbohydrates to a minimum and focus more on meals that contain reasonable amounts of complex carbohydrates. While still needing some carbohydrates for energy production, the diabetic can avoid blood sugar spikes by substituting certain types of legumes for vegetables like corn. In like manner, some fruits are better choices than others. The ability to for lower carbohydrate meals will go a long way in helping the resident manage the condition.

Temporary Dietary Changes

Due to some health issue that is considered to be temporary, the resident may need to make some changes in the content of meals. Maybe it is necessary to reduce the amount of salt used for a time, or maybe there is the need to focus on consuming foods that are low in calories until the resident loses a few pounds. A dietitian at the assisted living facility can come up with meal options that will meet any of these short-term dietary needs.

Food Allergies

Another point to keep in mind with Meal Preparation Services is that they make it easier to avoid foods that may contain ingredients which trigger allergic reactions. Someone who is allergic to peanuts will only want to consume foods that have not come in contact with the nuts in any way. While this may not seem all that difficult at first glance, there are many frozen dishes that are prepared with the use of ground peanuts or include the use of peanut oil in the preparation process. Being aware of what foods will cause allergic reactions makes it all the easier to request meals that provide nutrition but not any ill after effects.

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