Pursue Chiropractic Care for Headache Problems

by | Feb 22, 2016 | Health

Do you experience headaches from time to time? Does your headache happen on occasion or frequently? Some headaches cause nausea and intense pain while other headaches are aching and dull. When a headache occurs do you rest and wait to see if the pain goes away or do you take medication for it? There is another way to help you get rid of a headache if you are tired of taking medication and waiting for the headache to go away. Perhaps, you should seek a chiropractor’s assistance. You can find an experienced chiropractor near Brookfield, WI that can provide a treatment plan for you.

A Professional Chiropractor can Help you with your Headaches

When you visit a chiropractor they will make sure you receive the proper chiropractic care for your headache. By doing so, an experienced chiropractor will provide you with a free pain assessment to determine the cause of your headache and to recommend a natural treatment plan without the need of surgery or drugs. In many cases when you have a headache treated by a chiropractor, your headache will diminish and lessen by the techniques they use.  Chiropractic care procedures like cold therapy, ultrasound and precise, gentle spinal adjustments can provide effective and fast headache pain relief. These methods also may be used in conjunction with nutritional counseling and massage therapy.

What Exactly Causes a Headache?

There are several triggers that can cause a headache, but just about 95 % of all headaches fall into 2 categories and they are vascular and tension headaches. A tension headache is linked with increased muscular tightness, most often as a result of stress. Most people will have stress in the muscles of their shoulder, neck and upper back areas that in return will lead the pain to go to their head. Those muscles will develop tender localized areas of spasm and constriction and become tight which is referred to as a trigger point. The pain of this headache is generally a persistent and steady ache with a feeling of tightness through the head and neck. A vascular headache is known as a migraine, which will result from changes in the blood vessels of the neck and head. Things that can trigger a migraine are eating patterns, irregular sleeping, certain foods and stress to list a few. When you have a migraine headache it will throb and can affect both sides of the head or just one, in some cases it may be go along with noise, vomiting, sensitivity to light, visual disturbances, and nausea.

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