Reasons Diabetics Should See a Podiatrist in Jacksonville FL

by | Aug 18, 2022 | Podiatrist

If you suffer from diabetes, it can be very important for you to make sure your feet are well cared for. Many timestimes, diabetics may not realize they have sores, cuts or other problems with their feet. Because they do not realize this, their injuries can become infected.

This combined with other medical issues caused by their diabetes can result in amputation of an infected foot or leg. To help prevent this type of situation from happening to you, seeing a Podiatrist in Jacksonville FL, on a yearly basis can be best.

When you have diabetes, many times the nerves in the body will suffer damage. This can cause feelings of numbness in the extremities, especially the legs and feet. Without having proper sensations in these areas, you may not notice any type of damage incurred. This can cause a minor sore to become an ulcer because it was never cleaned or treated.

Diabetics also have issues with blood flow. This can lead to issues with poor circulation. Because the blood is not flowing properly, the elements needed to fight the infection do not always make it to the damaged areas. This makes it difficult for the body to heal these issues on its own.

By seeing a Podiatrist in Jacksonville FL, on a regular basis, these issues can be checked. In addition, a podiatrist will often perform an assessment of your condition at least once a year. During this assessment, he or she will be evaluating your foot pulses, the temperature of your feet, sensations, vibrations, skin texture, and the color of your skin as well.

This can give the podiatrist a good indication of your risk status and areas he or she needs to watch carefully. If you are experiencing problems, the podiatrist may wish to see you more frequently so he can monitor your condition.

Diabetics are known to have a variety of complications with their feet because of their illness. If you are a diabetic, plan to visit First Coast Foot and Ankle Clinic on a regular basis. By doing so, you can have any current issues handled and obtain assistance in preventing new issues from arising.

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