Reasons To See A Qualified Eye Doctor In Smyrna

by | Jan 15, 2013 | Health

Many people realize the importance of visiting their family practitioner regularly in order to avoid potential health problems; however, many neglect to include the optometrist as part of their yearly physical.  Since vision is such a vital part of living, it is essential that people have their eyes checked regularly as well.  As people age, the likelihood of a problem occurring with their eyesight will increase substantially.  By knowing the warning signs of various serious potential eye problems, you may be able to see an optometrist early enough to enhance the outcome of your situation.  You may even be able to prevent the situation from happening altogether.  Here are some specific signs warning signs that may be the early stages of a more potentially serious problem.  If you notice any of these signs, you may want to see your eye doctor in Smyrna.

Excess tear production can be a sign of a developing eye problem.  If your eyes are producing tears frequently, and easily, then you may want to schedule an eye exam.  Blurred vision is another indicator of a potential eye problem.  Often times, the blurred vision will occur at specific times of the day or night.  Not only can haziness in your vision be frustrating, but it can also lead to problems completing your everyday tasks.  Lack of clarity of objects in the distance may be an indicator that you may need vision correction.

If you have been in a car accident, or have had a recent injury, it is important to see an eye doctor in Smyrna to make sure that your eyes have not been affected.  There are many physical injuries that can end up affecting your vision, and so it is important to rule out any potential problems.

Sudden flashes of light in the periphery of your eyes may be an indicator of a serious problem known as retinal detachment.  This can occur in eyes as they become older.  Heredity can also determine whether you will be affected by some of these vision conditions.

People often will notice their eyes changing as they get older.  As the eyes age, they are not able to focus as quickly and easily as they once did.  Images may not appear as clear and colorful as they once were.  Sometimes referred to as ‘Old Eye’, this condition is clinically known as presbyopia, and can often be corrected with contacts or eyeglasses.

While there are many warning signs of possible eye conditions, it is important to see an eye doctor in Smyrna regularly to avoid any possible diseases or vision loss.

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