The Process of Getting Dentures in Edmonton, AB

When people have damaged or missing teeth, they have a number of dental procedures available to them to fix the problems. Many of these procedures are expensive, but well worth the cost. One of the least expensive of these procedures is to get traditional false teeth. While in the past these teeth used to actually look false, advanced technologies allow dentists to create teeth that look natural. Patients can choose from many different shades of white, and many tooth shapes, for a natural look. By the time the procedure is completed, patients leave with beautiful smiles that don’t look artificial in any way.

The first thing that will happen when one is considering getting dentures in Edmonton, AB is a consultation with a dentist. There will be an examination to determine the extent of the damage to the teeth, then the dentist and patient will sit down and talk about all of the options. If the patient decides to go with the false teeth, an initial impression is made, which will be used to cast a mold for a temporary set of teeth. The patient will undergo dental surgery to remove the broken and damaged teeth. If only a few teeth need to be removed, the patient will only need a partial denture. If all of the top or bottom teeth are missing, they will need a full set.

The temporary set is worn by the patient while their mouth is healing from the surgery, which takes six months to a year. Once the mouth is completely healed, the dentist will make a new mold. This is important, because the mouth will have changed shape greatly, and the temporary set won’t fit properly. The patient will likely need to have their temporary set adjusted periodically while they are waiting for their permanent false teeth.

While getting dentures in Edmonton, AB can be a lengthy process, it is one that can greatly improve the health and self-confidence of patients. A denture is much less expensive than dental implants, and it looks just as natural. For more information about this and other procedures, Visit the webiste of MAK dental.

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