Things That You Shouldn’t Do When You Visit a Doctor After an Accident

by | Sep 26, 2019 | Healthcare

If you’re involved in an auto accident, you need to seek proper medical attention to ensure that you’re not severely injured. If it’s clear that you are injured, then you need to find out the severity of your injuries from an auto accident medical doctor in Jacksonville, FL, so that the proper treatment plan is put in place. Here are a few mistakes that you should avoid when meeting with a doctor so that you do get the best care possible and so that you can give the correct information to your insurance company.


Avoid waiting to see a doctor. Even if you’re not experiencing symptoms right after the accident occurs, there could still be something that needs to be addressed. Anything from internal bleeding to a fracture could present a few days after the accident. If you decide to wait, then what was a minor injury could turn into one that’s more significant.


You’ll likely be given appointments for follow-up care after your accident. If there’s nothing wrong, then your doctor will usually document this information. When working with an auto accident medical doctor in Jacksonville, FL, you don’t need to miss any appointments because it could have a negative impact on any insurance or personal injury claims. The opposing side could see missed appointments as you not being injured and that you don’t need treatment.

Only Offer Facts

When you meet with your doctor, don’t elaborate on the details of the accident. Only discuss what you remember and what is known. If the doctor needs other information, then he can review the police report or talk to witnesses who were at the scene. Try not to make educated guesses as some of the details that you give might not match with the injuries or symptoms that you’re experiencing when you visit the doctor.

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