Think About Stair Lift Installation In Pittsburgh PA For Better Mobility At Home

by | Dec 21, 2015 | Healthcare

Everyone loves their home, but when mobility issues prevent the climbing of stairs, keeping the home comes into question. Looking into Stair Lift Installation in Pittsburgh PA may be the answer. A two story home becomes inaccessible to a wheelchair bound or mobility challenged person unless steps are taken to make the upper level accessible again. A stair lift can be installed in a home giving the mobility challenged resident a safe way to get up and down stairs again.

What is a chair lift? A chair lift is a chair attached to a rail system going up and down a stairway by electric power. The rail system takes a small amount of space but is safe and dependable. The electric motor on the base of the chair moves the chair safely up and down the stars along the rail. The chair is built for compact safety. It has arm rests, foot rests, a sturdy seat, and backrest to give the user a sense of comfort and safety. This simple piece of equipment can make the upper floor of a home accessible once again.

Companies such as McArdle Surgical carry brands of stair lifts including Acorn Stair Lifts and Brooks Stair Lifts. One can visit their showroom to have these stair lifts demonstrated before purchasing. When the homeowner purchases a stair lift, the supplier will provide Stair Lift Installation in Pittsburgh PA and demonstrate its safe use. The supplier will also take care of any maintenance, repairs, or service needed to keep the stair lift safety working.

When purchasing a stair lift, make sure that it has warranties and guarantees in place. Try the in-store models to see which brand and model will work best in the home. The knowledgeable staff should be able to answer any questions the customer may have and help guide them to the best stair lift. Once the homeowner gets used to riding the stair lift, it will become a welcome solution to difficulty climbing stairs and make that floor once again accessible. There is also the possibility of free in-home demonstrations for those who can not easily visit the company store. Visit the Website, for more information.

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