Three Questions to Ask Before Choosing Memory Care

by | Jan 22, 2020 | Assisted Living

If you’re in the middle of looking for elderly home care in Decatur, GA, you may be looking for help with a loved one who will need help with memory care. As people grow older, some of them begin to have problems with memory due to conditions like Alzheimers or dementia. Some simply lose their memory due to the regular aging process. For these people, home care that comes equipped with memory assistance is critical. Memory issues provide their own special challenges that require a special type of assistance. When looking for memory care, ask potential homes the following questions.


Find out exactly how much the memory care services are going to cost. Some spaces have all-inclusive rates, while others have more of an a la carte rate card. Find out how you’re going to be billed and what portion of the care if any is covered by insurance. You should also find out how often you’re billed so that you can work it into your annual budget.


Find out what types of meals are available. Some elderly care facilities offer a very basic menu, while others have complex, chef-style offerings. Find out how the home will handle residents with special diets. Some people eat a certain way because of religious reasons, while others have special diets due to medical issues.


Find out what types of programs the home has available for residents. People with memory issues often benefit from games and exercises that have been created to help jog the memory and enhance recall. Find out if there are games like this at the home that can help your loved one stay healthy for as long as possible.

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