Undergoing Professional Substance Abuse Treatment in Minneapolis

by | Mar 16, 2020 | Healthcare

Men and women often experience drug dependency differently. The reasons behind their addictions and the effects on their lives often vary dramatically.

Given these differences, it makes sense that men and women need recovery services tailored just for them. You can get this unique help to overcome your addiction by undergoing gender-specific substance abuse treatment in Minneapolis today.

Coping Skills

Part of undergoing this treatment involves learning coping skills that will teach you to overcome the temptation to use again. As you will find out in recovery, the temptation can hit you every moment of every hour. In the first few days of your time in the facility, you must take your newfound sobriety literally minute by minute.

Your doctors, nurses and therapists will teach you coping mechanisms to make dealing with every minute easier. These skills can include distracting yourself with arts and crafts or listening to music. You also can learn meditation, breathing techniques and body relaxation skills.


Another component of your recovery will involve going through counseling. Your therapist will work with you to uncover the reasons for why you use drugs or drink alcohol. You can confront these factors in therapy and resolve them in a healthy and meaningful manner.

You can find out more about going through substance abuse treatment in Minneapolis online. To set up a consultation or learn about a customized program, contact River Ridge Treatment Center today.

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