Understanding Autoimmune Conditions

by | Jul 27, 2015 | Chiropractic

When it comes to autoimmune conditions, it is difficult and pretty time consuming to pinpoint exactly which disorder someone may be suffering from. This also makes it difficult to determine what autoimmune disease treatment will be most effective. There are so many different symptoms, and more than eighty different types of autoimmune disorders that may require some type of autoimmune disease treatment. Breaking the terminology up so one can understand it a little bit easier, autoimmune conditions occur in those individuals whose immune systems are not functioning properly and actually attacking one’s healthy tissues by accident.

Causes for Autoimmune Disorders

Many know that the white blood cells within the body are solely responsible for fighting off infectious diseases. Anything harmful substance that enters the body whether it is some form of bacteria, virus, blood, cancer, what have you – the white blood cells will try to rid the body of them. A human body will continuously produce antibodies to fight against antigens.

With autoimmune conditions, the body is unable to tell the difference between healthy tissue and harmful antigens therefore setting off all-out war within the body. Think about when you are sick, you probably feel most comfortable when you are taking it easy and resting – this is because inside the body, those white blood cells are working overtime to try to make you feel better. Granted, people who suffer from autoimmune disorders generally complain of constantly feeling fatigued – as if they have just finished running a marathon.


Some common symptoms associated with autoimmune conditions are, but not limited to the following:

* Environmental and food allergies
* Digestive issues
* Chronic fatigue and pain
* Depression
* Dry skin and trouble staying hydrated
* Weight fluctuations
* Brain fogginess
* Hormonal imbalances


When it comes to diagnosing autoimmune conditions, it can be difficult and time consuming since there are so many symptoms that occur. Depending on which symptoms one is experiencing will determine what type of testing will be ensured but most of the time, it will consist of a full check-up and various blood tests. Autoimmune disease treatment varies for every individual because even if one person has lupus for instance, his or her side effects and severity may be different from another person who is suffering from the same disease.

Autoimmune disease treatment will change over time as well and requires frequent doctor visits so they can continuously check on white blood cell levels in accompaniment with healthy vs. non-healthy tissues within the body.Finding the root problem and cause for the symptoms is what will occur during autoimmune disease treatment. To know more about functional medicine and it’s benefits visit Business Name.

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