Ways That Assisted Living in Southington CT Is Beneficial for Elderly Stroke Patients

by | Apr 22, 2016 | Assisted Living

After an elderly person suffers a serious stroke, this individual may need to move to a community for assisted living in Southington CT. After spending time in a hospital, stroke patients are eventually required to leave, even if they are unable to manage on their own. The right assisted living community can help this person a great deal with round-the-clock staff members available and personalized therapeutic attention during the day.

Community such as Shady Oaks Assisted Living, for instance, provides a variety of services that are highly beneficial to people recovery from a stroke. Occupational therapy allows them to practice their motor skills with specific activities known to be advantageous. This type of therapy gradually helps them become as independent as possible with their level of physical ability. Physical therapy is another treatment that is very important for people who have suffered a serious stroke. The therapists and their assistants work with patients to regain their mobility and strength. Another service provided is psychological counseling that can improve the person’s mood and outlook on life while dealing with a sudden disability.

Full-time staff members at the community make sure the resident takes all medication as directed and receives assistance with bathing, grooming, and other essential activities. Tasty, nutritious meals can be served in the patient’s room if he or she cannot make it to the cafeteria or is still unable to manage self-feeding.

Elderly people who have suffered a debilitating stroke may never recover fully but often recover enough to enjoy life again and to participate in many activities. Even if they are partially paralyzed, confined to a wheelchair or must use a walker from now on, they benefit from residing in a community for Assisted Living in Southington CT. Their relatives and friends are welcome to visit as frequently as everyone would like. The community residents make new friends and even learn to participate in activities they’ve never tried before. A stroke patient or the person’s family may visit the website domain URL for details on services offered at this particular community and to get a sense of the lifestyle there.

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