What are the Various Drug Treatment Methods?

by | Aug 22, 2012 | Health

Just like in the case of other illnesses, drug addiction is a treatable disorder. Usually, drug treatment is tailored to meet the personal needs of the different patients. The treatment given to one patient may not be suitable for another. With proper treatment, drug addicts can learn to control their drug consumption habits and overcome the addition altogether to lead normal lives. During the treatment process, people addicted to drugs usually go through a process of behavioral changes and also take some medications as part of their treatment regimen.

  • One of the drug treatment methods is behavioral therapy. Some of the behavioral therapies include counseling, psychotherapy, and support groups. Psychological problems such as counseling may come in handy in helping a drug addict to overcome the drug consumption habits. To fully overcome the drugs, the patient has to be aware of the harm that is brought on by the drugs and also the benefits that come with doing away with the drugs. This is where counseling and psychotherapy comes in. You have to start by changing your way of thinking if you are to begin the healing process.
  • In addition to counseling and other psychotherapy treatments, drug treatment may also entail medications. The treatment medications usually help in suppressing the withdrawal syndrome of the drug. Many people suffer from withdrawal syndromes and drug cravings after stopping the consumption of the drugs and some often revert back to drugs. The medication helps in overcoming the craving and other syndromes that may bring about the temptation of going back to drugs. For example, methadone may be administered to heroin addicts as it helps them overcome the withdrawal symptoms.
  • Usually, the ultimate goal of drug treatment is to slowly help patients fully get over their drug addiction and consumption. There are many types of treatment programs and they range from short term programs to long term programs. The short term treatment methods do not last for more than six months and they may include residential therapy and medication therapy. The long term treatment methods may last for a longer period and they include methadone maintenance and also outpatient treatments.
  • Through proper drug treatment, it is possible to reestablish normal brain functioning and also prevent relapse. There are medications for opiates (heroine and morphine), tobacco (nicotine), and also alcohol treatment. Medications are also being developed for treating addictions to stimulants such as cocaine and methamphetamine and also cannabis sativa also commonly known as marijuana. Many drug abusers are usually poly drug users meaning that they use more than one drug at a time. Such people may require a mixture of various medications in order to overcome the addiction problem. An individual’s drug treatment plan should be assessed continually and also modified when necessary so as to meet the arising needs.

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