What is the Difference Between Assisted and Independent Living Communities in York, PA?

You may have the preconceived notion that assisted and independent living communities in York, PA, are the same. You see the elderly at both types of facilities, and the activities they do each day appear similar. However, assisted and independent communities are very different.

Assisted Living Facilities

As described in the name, assisted living facilities provide a higher level of care than independent living communities in York, PA. Staff employed by an assisted living facility will help with laundry, housekeeping, medication administration, and recreational activities. They also respond 24-7 to emergencies. Typically, assisted living facilities are more expensive than independent living facilities. In most cases, insurance will help cover the costs. However, you should always inquire if your aging loved one will be covered or required to pay out of pocket.

Independent Living Facilities

Independent living communities in York, PA, are places where your aging loved one can live alone but benefit from being surrounded by peers. Independent living facilities are similar to apartments. The best independent living facilities are subsidized. Subsidized units are the best option for most elderly people on a fixed income because their rent will be much lower than the market rate. Subsidized units are based on the tenant’s income. Your aging loved one must prove their current income and assets. They can prove their income by supplying the facility with SSI or SSDI award letters. The property manager may also ask for six months worth of bank statements.

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