What Qualifications Do Cosmetic Surgeons Have In Naperville?

Cosmetic surgeons specialize in reconstructive surgery that corrects cosmetic damage or defects that are visible to the naked eye. While some operations are purely motivated by the need to improve appearance for leisure, some aim at repairing facial damages after burns and accidents. With many people getting accustomed to cosmetic surgery, the need to understand who qualifies to be termed as a cosmetic surgeon in Bolingbrook Il is slowly finding its significance. We will define the qualifications of a cosmetic surgeon in this piece.

Educational background

A cosmetic surgeon must hold a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine or a Doctor of Medicine from a reputable institution for four years. The bachelor’s degree entails four years of classwork, mainly in chemistry, math, biology, anatomy, and organic chemistry. The student will then enroll for residency awaiting graduation after sitting for the licensing examination.

Residency requirements

An additional four years of practical training during residency is crucial in training the doctor what to expect in the real world. This should be enough to mold the student into a general surgeon. You are then required to enroll for further residency of about three years to meet the requirements to become a Cosmetic Surgeon Bolingbrook Il. Candidates must pass the licensing exam entailing of orals and written papers.


Every cosmetic surgeon must obtain a valid state license to practice medicine. To obtain licensure, a candidate must pass the set board exams, both in orals and written papers. Candidates must also submit case reports performed during training that tell he or she is ready to handle cosmetic surgeries unsupervised.

Continuing education

Depending on the state of practice, a surgeon may be required to take board exams to retain his or her license.

The career of a cosmetic surgeon is undoubtedly demanding as it takes years of extensive schooling and training. If you are interested in talking to one of our experts about cosmetic surgery and what it has to offer, call or visit Center for Cosmetic and Laser Surgery today to book an appointment.

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