What Services Are Available Through Gynecologists In Norman, OK?

by | Jun 14, 2017 | Health

In Oklahoma, women acquire assistance to help them make clear decisions about reproduction. Local OB/GYNs provide them with a wealth of services to help them make the right healthcare choices. These services begin with birth control opportunities and expand to menopause treatments. The following are details about the services that are available through Gynecologists in Norman OK.

Annual Assessments for Women

Women need to undergo an annual checkup through a gynecologist. These assessments determine if women have cancer cells present in the reproductive organs. The doctor also performs further assessments to determine if any conditions exist that could present reproductive difficulties. The doctor can also provide the patient with advice about options if the patient experiences any issues conceiving a child.

Birth Control Options

The doctor can also provide a variety of birth control options to lower the chances of an unwanted pregnancy. The doctor can provide a variety of birth control pills to protect against pregnancy and regulate the period. They can also provide longer lasting options such as IUDs and implants. These options may provide protection for months, or years, based on the patient’s choices.

Pregnancy Testing and Monitoring

The doctor provides pregnancy testing and ultrasound assessments. These opportunities help women throughout their pregnancy. The doctor provides them with ongoing checkups at each stage of the pregnancy and provides options for delivery. The obstetrician provides information about choices after the baby is born as well. They can also provide advice for first-time mothers.

Hormone Replacement and Menopause Care

Hormone replacement options can help women with a variety of menopause symptoms. These symptoms include irritability, mood swings, and hot flashes. The therapy can also help to address dryness and issues with the libido. They can help women to regulate their hormones and prevent serious risks.

In Oklahoma, women have access to a multitude of services that can address their concerns at each stage of their lives. These services can reduce the risk of cancer, prevent unwanted pregnancies, and address reproductive issues.

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