What To Expect From Norco Treatment In Navarre, FL

In Florida, pain medication is an effective method for pain management. Unfortunately, some patients use their medication for other reasons and become addicted. Their addiction leads to criminal and risky behavior patterns that destroy their lives and the lives of their family members. A local recovery center offers norco treatment in Navarre, FL.

Detoxing from Norco Addiction

Addiction to painkillers, such as Norco causes a change in the brain and pain receptors. Excessive use of pain medication leads to a higher tolerance and requires a higher dosage to control pain. To start the recovery process, patients undergo detoxification.

Taking Methadone to Reduce Withdrawal Symptoms

Recovery centers prescribe methadone to control withdrawal symptoms and prevent further health issues. The medication is taken in controlled dosages throughout the treatment plan. Once the patient reaches a later stage of recovery, the doctors begin to ween the patient off methadone. The medication isn’t available without a prescription once the patient leaves the recovery center.

Individual Counseling for the Addict

Individual counseling helps the addict discover why it’s important for them to avoid taking pain medication in the future. The counseling services help the addict discover what trauma or life events fuel their addiction and make them want to continue using the controlled substance. The counselors help the addict rebuild their lives and repair the damage caused by their addiction.

Learning New Coping Mechanisms

The counselors help the addict learn new coping mechanisms. The new mechanisms are healthier ways to manage pain and cope with traumatic events. The counselors help the addict discover a better way to live than using controlled substances.

Following the Steps

The recovery programs help the addict by introducing the necessary steps. The addicts follow the steps while they are inside the recovery center and apply the steps to their lives once they leave. Counselors recommend sponsors to help addicts when they face difficult circumstances. The addicts attend narcotics anonymous meetings to maintain a support system. The meetings teach the addict new ways to manage their addiction and cultivate lasting friendships.

In Florida, Norco addiction is common and widespread. Addicts often participate in criminal acts to get an additional supply of the painkillers. Patients who want to undergo norco treatment in Navarre FL contact us for more information now.

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