3 Reasons To Attend Santa Monica Rehab Treatment

by | Apr 7, 2015 | Healthcare

Treating mental health issues, including addictions and dependencies, is not the same as treating many medical conditions. However, even in the medical field more and more doctors are recommending patients go to physical therapy after treatment, which is really the same concept as attending a Santa Monica rehab.

After in-patient treatment or when a patient needs more than just a weekly or monthly counseling or therapy session, attending a Santa Monica rehab on an out-patient basis is the perfect bridge. It provides the client with frequent, intensive support during the transition from the very structured and controlled environment of an in-patient facility to the less structured daily routine of most adult clients.

There are other reasons why a Santa Monica rehab is such an important part of full recovery from any type of addition, stressor or challenge. By understanding why rehab is an essential and ongoing component in ongoing mental, emotional and spiritual health making the decision to attend treatment becomes even easier.

Immediate Help

Initially attending a Santa Monica rehab with intensive out-patient treatment program allows for immediate help during the difficult transition from the hospital or clinical setting to the home, work and community environment.

Patients will face triggers, stressors and even pressure which may, if not addressed, lead to a relapse into the problematic behavior. When clients are seen on a daily basis there is immediate support, help and feedback to address the triggers, challenges and stressors and to build coping skills and strategies.

Group and Individual Support

Both group and individual support is offered through a top Santa Monica rehab. Individual counseling, coaching and therapy sessions can delve into personal challenges and work on specific underlying issues.

In group sessions clients with similar challenges can talk to each other, with an experienced group facilitator, to discuss coping strategies, problem solving and address positive changes. In addition, this same environment provides the perfect opportunity to learning more about effective communication, conflict resolution and tips for building supportive, strong relationships moving forward.

Support for Families

Another important element of a Santa Monica rehab is also to help the family with education, strategies and support. The way loved ones and family members work together to create a positive, healthy and supportive environment for the person in treatment or recovery will have a big influence on the recovery process.

Attending a Santa Monica rehab after in-patient care is a must. With many different educational, mental health and supportive programs these facilities will assist any client in continuing on their path to achieve their treatment goals.

Our Vantage Point Santa Monica rehab provides intensive support for all clients in all areas of recovery. To learn more see us online at www.vantagepointrecovery.com.

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