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Have you recently noticed that your legs are getting more sluggish and heavy as the day wears on? Do you see bulging blood vessels underneath your skin? If so you may be dealing with a varicose vein. This circulation disorder usually occurs when one of your blood vessels begins to falter in its daily activity of move your blood through your body. When this happens there tends to be a backup of fluids and the result is usually swelling and eventually dysfunction. This type of problem can turn into something more serious but if it is treated early on it can be dealt with safely and quickly. There are several options available to you to do this. One is an invasive surgery and the others are not nearly as invasive.

Surgical Stripping

This method is by far the most common way a doctor will deal with this type of problem but it involves a surgical procedure that you may not be willing to undergo. This is fine as there are other methods available to you. In short, this surgery removes the entire affected vessel from your body and leaves all of the smaller ones to eventually be reabsorbed.

Endovenous Laser

This technique is far less intrusive and only requires an outpatient procedure to perform. It involves inserting a small piece of fiber optic line into the vein in question via a needle. Once inside the laser is activated and the fiber optic line is slowly taken out. The energy from the laser should generate enough heat to seal the vessel as it is closed behind the line. Once this happens your fluids should begin to reroute automatically around the closed off section and increase your circulation.

Ambulatory Phlebectomy

This is an associated task usually perform if the sections of the affected area do not close properly. It is done by removing small sections via a needle in order to force the remaining sections to close off.

If you are concerned about this issue or any others that may sound similar and you are looking to avoid a long stay in a hospital then you should review and see what kind of minimally intrusive tasks can be performed for you. The next time you speak to you doctor about these kinds of issues be sure to bring these techniques up and see if he or she can give you more information or a referral to someone who can assist you further.

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