Bunion Surgery is Often Required to Treat People’s Deformed Toes

by | Aug 21, 2015 | Health

When feet and toes develop problems or pain, it can be difficult to continue with daily activities. Foot pain can be devastating and lead to a lower quality of life, especially if people find that they are unable to walk at all without pain or discomfort. One especially common foot issue that people develop is known as a bunion. Bunions can create serious issues, so they must be treated with the use of the custom footwear or Bunion Surgery.

Bunions occur only on the big toe, and they don’t typically affect any other toes on the foot. When a bunion develops, the joint at the bottom of the big toe will become swollen and unnaturally large. This then spreads to the side of the toe and leads the toe to become deformed. When bunions start, they cause the toe to become angled inward, and in severe cases the big toe may end up lying across the second or third toes. Tight, closed-toe shoes make bunions worse, as the toe will rub on the sock and shoe and become more enlarged and irritated. In order to avoid serious foot deformation and pain, bunions should be treated early by a licensed medical professional.

Bunions should not be ignored, as they will not go away without medical intervention. Some people benefit from wearing orthotic shoes and socks to relieve pressure in the area, awhile some will add extra padding around their affected toe. Toe splints may also be worn to realign the toe, but they can only be used at night or during periods of inactivity. In many cases, the bunion may be severe enough to require surgery. Bunion Surgery is an invasive procedure, as the bunion itself will be removed, and the toe’s positioning will be corrected. The surgery is very effective and not especially risky to patients’ overall health.

Most people put a lot of strain and stress on their feet each day. Some people don’t even realize how much pressure they put on their feet and how many feet impact their lives.  Bunions are exceptionally painful and will only get worse without professional intervention. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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