Compelling Reasons to Undergo a Surgical Neck Lift in Glenview

Factors that are beyond your control can negatively impact the appearance of your neck. Influences like aging and weight gain can cause your neck to become enlarged or sag. You could develop an appearance that makes you look fatter and older than you really are.

Rather than live with an appearance that you are unhappy with, you can undergo a surgical neck lift in Glenview. These reasons can compel you to go through with the surgery to get the look that you want.

Improve Your Appearance

One of the most compelling reasons to go through with a neck lift in Glenview involves improving your appearance. As you get older or put on weight, your neck can fill out or start to sag. You could develop rolls and wrinkles that make you look older and plumper than you really are.

A neck lift can firm up this part of your body and give you a more youthful and fitter look. You get the look that you want without having to perform extensive exercises that can tire you out and ultimately not give you the results that you want.

Improve Neck Function

A sagging neck can also impede your ability to move your head or swallow food and beverages normally. When the rolls of fat or excess skin pile up on the lower part of your neck, these normal activities can become more difficult and exhausting.

A neck lift can remove the excess skin and fat so that you can turn your head in both directions and eat and drink normally. You avoid limited movement and the sensation of choking because of an enlarged neck.

You can find out more about neck lifts online. Contact Adam J. Cohen M.D. at to request more information or to schedule a free consultation.

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