Do You or a Loved One Require Home Health Services?

by | Sep 24, 2018 | Health

It is truly amazing how many different types of home health care services you can receive in your home in Monterey. It could that you need one or two of the offered services or an entire package. It all depends on what your physical and/or emotional state is. Maybe you are recovering from surgery and need nursing care and physical therapy or your parent needs those and other services such as help with household chores.

Comprehensive Nursing Care

When it comes to nursing care, VNA (Visiting Nurse Association and Hospice) provides comprehensive services:

  • An evaluation of your home for safety and your health status.
  • Nurses are the central hub through with all other services are coordinated.
  • He or she reports on your progress to your physician and explains doctor speak to you.
  • Nurses are the ones who keep you on a regular prescription schedule, run IV’s as necessary, change dressings and other wound care procedures, amongst other duties.

Need Physical Therapy?

If you are recovering from an injury or surgery, you may need help getting back on your feet. A physical therapist can set up an exercise routine for you and even offer you assistance with medical needs such as crutches, a cane or walkers. He or she will work with you in getting up and down safely and assess your risk of falling and reinjuring yourself.

Speech and Occupational Therapies

Both can be extremely important after an accidental injury, stroke or other brain injury, or for whatever other reason you might need assistance in relearning certain skills. An occupational therapist can help you to walk or learn new methods of doing things. A speech therapist can assess whether you are able to swallow properly or help you with any difficulties you are having speaking. At VNA you can receive all these services and more.

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