Everything You Need to Know About High-Def Lipo

For many people, no matter how much you exercise and take care of your food intake, there are some trouble spots that simply don’t allow all of your hard work to show.

High-Definition Liposuction is a way to finally reveal that muscle definition on your arms, abs, buttocks, jawline, chest, legs – almost anywhere on the body you desire.

What Does High-Definition Liposuction Entail?

Ultimately, High-Definition Liposuction is tissue selective, meaning that it can break down stubborn fat cells through ultrasonic frequency waves. Once the fat is broken down, the surgeon removes the excess fat through a minimally invasive suction process.

Once removed, the muscle is revealed under the skin. It is a procedure often performed on the abdomen, where stubborn fat doesn’t allow your abdominal muscles to show. That is why it is referred to as “abdominal etching” or “six-pack lipo”. However, it can also be used on almost any other part of the body.

Who is a Candidate for High-Definition Liposuction?

To be eligible for high-definition liposuction, candidates should be very close to their ideal weight. They are looking to get rid of pockets of fat that are not responding to diet and exercise.

Candidates are generally healthy individuals with no adverse reactions to anesthesia. They should be willing and able to minimize physical activity for 2-3 weeks while their body heals from the procedure. They should get the okay from their skilled cosmetic surgeon before beginning physical activity again.

When Should I See Results?

After the procedure, there will be some swelling for several weeks. Healing and adjustment time varies from person to person, but your body should heal completely within 3-4 months when you will be able to enjoy and show off greatly improved muscle definition.

VASER Hi Def®: The Most Up-To-Date Technology in High-Definition Liposuction

The VASER Hi Def® Lipo System is the most up-to-date technology in abdominal etching and improved muscle definition. The VASER Hi Def® Lipo System uses tissue-selective ultrasound technology to break down only fat without touching other tissue. The fat is removed through small incisions, making it a minimally-invasive procedure.

Dr. Andan at New York Surgical Arts use only the newest and best technology to achieve results for our patients, which is why we only use the VASER Hi Def® Lipo System for high-def surgical procedures.

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