Facts About Eyelash Extensions in Round Rock TX

by | Oct 10, 2018 | Beauty

To some women, the very existence of eyelash extensions is a blessing. There are many benefits women have reported not the least of which is the convenience they bring. However, as with anything, they do have drawbacks. Before somebody decides to get Eyelash Extensions in Round Rock TX, here are some things of which they should be aware.

Time Vs. Time

Eyelash extensions save a lot of time on the daily routine because the need to mess around every day trying to put on traditional false eyelashes with messy glue is eliminated. However, be aware that the initial time of getting the eyelash extensions may take several hours. It is up to the individual to decide if they want to invest this much initial time dedicated to their eyelashes.

A Change In Routine

According to makeup experts, the typical woman who has a morning makeup ritual will need to change it up a bit. No longer will certain products be able to be used when wearing Eyelash Extensions in Round Rock TX. For example, mascara which comes in a tube will not be able to be worn due to the fact it sticks to the false eyelashes too easily. Also, eyeliner coming in pencil form will not be able to be used as it can cause the eyelashes to tangle together. Any facial cleansers with an oil-base will also need to be nixed because they can break down the glue used to apply the lashes.

Show Them What You’re Working With

When going in to get Eyelash Extensions in Round Rock TX, it is best to remember that the results will ultimately depend on what kind of eyelashes the person has to begin with. Not everyone will be able to achieve pop diva-level results. If someone has very fine lashes, they need to take into consideration those same lashes will need to bear the weight of the false eyelashes. It is not good to overload them.

If eyelash extensions sound like something that is needed, make an appointment at a reputable salon such as Haute House Lash and Beauty Bar. They will be able to guide the customer to achieve the best results.

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