Find Physical Therapy for Neuropathy from a Surprise, AZ, Based Chiropractor

by | Jan 25, 2021 | Chiropractor

The textbook definition of neuropathy describes several types of diseases and health conditions that result in malfunctioning or damaged nerves. Neuropathy can cause severe pain and other discomforts, and many patients report a tingling feeling that can progress to numbness over time. This condition can be acute and short-lived, or the condition can become chronic lasting years or even a lifetime. Learn where to find reliable physical therapy for neuropathy from a Surprise, AZ, based chiropractor.

What Causes Neuropathy?

There are a number of things that can result in neuropathy. Type 2 Diabetes is a leading culprit. Ongoing high blood sugars can impact overall body circulation, and diabetics often develop neuropathy in their hands and feet if their blood sugar isn’t under control. Other health conditions like heart disease and strokes can also result in peripheral or another neuropathy.

Other Possible Causes for Neuropathy Symptoms

Thyroid and other endocrine problems that impact blood pressure, pulse, and other body systems may also cause neuropathy symptoms. Hormonal imbalance, poor diet, and being overweight are all factors. Many people are at risk due to heredity factors.

Spinal & Neurological Misalignment & Other Issues Need Addressed

Patients with a spinal or neurological disorder or misalignment can also develop neuropathy. Symptoms include tingling, burning, and radiant sensations, and pain or numbness in the hands, feet, and elsewhere. These underlying causative factors can be effectively treated with cutting-edge physical therapy for neuropathy by a Surprise, AZ, chiropractic center.

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