Having an Annual Eye Exam in Augusta KS at a Clinic With Both Types of Eye Doctors

by | May 31, 2019 | Eye Care

Once a person has reached the age at which he or she is responsible for scheduling an annual Eye Exam in Augusta KS, this young man or woman may be undecided between the two types of eye doctors. Perhaps the parents always went to a medical doctor known as an ophthalmologist, but this person’s friends may see an optometrist instead. An ideal solution is to have eye exams at a clinic where both types of doctors practice.

Advantages of Having Both Doctors at the Clinic

Eye problems that require the attention of a medical doctor usually don’t occur until at least middle age, and typically not until the senior years. There are exceptions, of course, so having an ophthalmologist on the team is an advantage for young adults as well. In addition, if this young adult ever decides to have laser surgery for vision correction, the procedure can be done at the clinic without having to be referred elsewhere.

Corrective Lenses

The optometrist can complete annual vision testing and the Eye Exam in Augusta KS. This eye doctor can prescribe contact lenses and eyeglasses. Opticians at the clinic make sure the glasses fit perfectly. They also teach patients who have never worn contacts before how to insert and remove those lenses, as well as how to care for them.

Sometimes a young adult doesn’t realize that corrective lenses would be helpful because the vision problem is minor. Not until a vision test is failed for driver’s license renewal does this man or woman realize it’s time to finally get glasses or contact lenses from a clinic such as Business Name. Many people wear contacts most of the time and keep glasses on hand for backup.

Testing, Diagnosis and Treatment

The optometrist also tests for and diagnoses conditions that include glaucoma and cataracts. Most patients do not need pupil dilation at every exam, but it should be done as recommended. This allows the doctor to get a better view of the interior of the eye. A patient who has developed any type of eye disease is referred to the ophthalmologist for treatment. Visit us for more information.

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