Help For Lower Back Pain

by | Mar 14, 2013 | Physical Therapy

Lower back problems and the associated pain is the most common diagnosis in almost all physical therapy companies. It is estimated that at one time or another in the lives of 85% of the population, back pain will become an issue. It is the leading cause of lost time on the job and billions of dollars are spent annually treating it.

Exactly what is the lower back?

There are five bones, called vertebrae, in the lower back. They are stacked in a pile, one atop the other. The vertebrae are separated from one another by a soft shock absorbing material, these are commonly called discs. These bones protect the nerves and the spinal cord, the arrangement is stabilized and given mobility by a number of ligaments and muscles.

What causes pain in this region?

There are a number of reasons but the physical therapy companies usually identify poor posture while sitting. Lifting heavy things incorrectly and leaning forward often.

Often, lower back pains are caused by trauma of some sort, but more often than not back pain starts for no apparent reason. The therapists believe that the majority of lower back pain stems from putting repetitive strain on the lumbar spine.

When to look for help:

If you find that lower back pain is significantly impairing your function and mobility, it is recommended that you see therapists or doctors who are employed in physical therapy companies. Lower back pain can be serious, telling the professional of a larger problem. The following signs should indicate that you should seek care immediately:

1. Loss of control: If you suddenly lose control of anything in your leg; the hip, thigh, calf, ankle or toes, this requires immediate attention. If you find that you cannot get off a chair, walk up a flight of steps or lift your leg while walking, you may have a serious problem.

2. Loss of bladder and bowel control: The lower back structures can get compressed, thus putting pressure on the nerves that control the function of these organs. The primary symptom is the inability to pass urine. If this happens, coupled with pain in the lower back, this is a medical emergency.

3. History of cancer: If you have any history of cancer or any metastatic disease, and you suffer lower back pain, see a physician. It is rare that this is a problem but it should not be ignored.

4. Recent trauma: If you have recently fallen or been involved in a vehicle accident, this trauma may result in lower back pain. If this is the case, before any physical therapy companies begin therapy or treatment, you must rule out a fracture.

If you are experiencing lower back pain, rest for a couple of days. Once you have rested, begin some gentle exercises to restore mobility.

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