Learn About the Causes, Symptoms and Treatments of Varicose Veins before Getting Spider Vein Treatment

by | Mar 13, 2013 | Cosmetic and Plastic

Do you feel self-conscious about your legs? Have you noticed the veins in your legs gradually becoming more raised and swollen as time has progressed? If so, you are probably dealing with varicose veins, which is something that affects approximately 3 in 10 adults. Despite the fact that varicose veins can be embarrassing, there is a way to get rid of them with spider vein treatment. There is more than one option for spider vein treatment and you should meet with a doctor to find out what is right for you. Before paying for spider vein treatment, let’s dig a little deeper and find out more about the causes and symptoms.

The Causes

It is difficult to tell exactly why a person gets varicose veins because there are numerous factors that can cause the problem. You may need to get spider vein treatment if there is a history of blood clots in your family or if you use birth control pills. Obesity is another common cause and because it is heredity, you have a bigger chance of getting spider veins if your mother or father has them. Hormonal influence is proven to trigger the problem and the type of work you do could also predispose you to these veins. If you have a job where you stand a lot, such as a hair stylist, teacher or nurse, you are at risk of getting varicose veins.

The Symptoms

You may not notice that you need spider vein treatment straight away, because these veins will get worse over time. Do you regularly deal with cramping and aching in the legs? If so, you should visit a doctor who can diagnose the problem. Cramping and aching are the first signs of varicose veins, followed by tingling and throbbing. Any type of leg pain should be dealt with by a professional and if your doctor tells you that the pain is being caused by spider veins, you should arrange a consultation with a company that offers treatment.

The Treatment Options

There are a few different routes to go down when you decide that you want to get spider vein treatment. A simple, affordable option that works for some people is support stockings. These can be purchased online and they can be bought in a variety of styles. If you make some lifestyle changes by losing weight or walking more you could reduce the appearance of veins. Alternatively, opt for an effective treatment like sclerotherapy, endovenous laser treatment or intense pulsed light.


Up to 25 percent of adults deal with spider veins and if you are one of these people, you should give your confidence a boost and get spider vein treatment. Laser techniques are increasing in popularity and it is possible to eliminate spider veins in as little as an hour when you work with a company like Venolase.


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