How and Where You Can Get Help for PTSD Treatment in Las Vegas?

Traumatic experiences in life can easily disrupt daily routines. If it’s severe, PTSD can often lead to negative outcomes and catastrophic health problems. Here are five types of PTSD treatments in Las Vegas that can help individuals cope with their lives:

Types of PTSD Treatments

Cognitive Processing Therapy: This is a 12-week intensive therapy course, which requires the patient to interact with a trained therapist in a 60 to 90-minute session.

Prolonged Exposure Therapy: It is a 90-minute session lasting anywhere from eight to fifteen visits. The session integrates physical and mental therapy at the Center and at home.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing: EMDR is a relatively new technique that takes about three months. It doesn’t necessarily involve discussion of your traumatic experience; instead, patients used stimulus such as light, hand gestures, and sounds to heal.

Stress Inoculation Training: SIT is a single or a group session where patients are trained on how they can independently treat trauma issues. These procedures often involve breathing and relaxing exercises.

Medications: In certain situations, medications are required to deal with severe stress. These medications help relieve stress and anxiety by interacting directly with neurotransmitters and chemicals inside the body. Based on individual circumstances, the therapist may also suggest different types of relaxing exercises to do in tandem with medications.

For more information on PTSD treatments in Las Vegas, you can contact IV Solution Centers at They also provide clinically proven customized intravenous ketamine therapies to individuals who require immediate help.

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