How long does drug rehabilitation take?

by | Oct 5, 2015 | Healthcare

There are a number of factors that enter into drug rehabilitation which include the resources that are available, the amount of cooperation given by the addict and the length of time of the addiction. The first step in drug rehabilitation is detoxification where the body is cleansed of the addictive drug; this actually can be quite short, as short as three days in many cases. Because of the variables the only real answer to the question is that it takes as long as it takes no two addicts are the same. In some cases the addict may accept he has a problem in the early stages of addiction while another individual may need to spend considerable time in one of the residential treatment centers in Utah.

The fast track to drug rehab takes no longer than it takes for the addictive substance to leave the body. This approach is taken in a medical setting where dedicated medical professionals closely manage and oversee the symptoms associated with complete withdrawal as the system detoxifies. For a person dependent on alcohol this may not take much longer than a few days, for those that are dependent on drugs such as heroin, meth’s, cocaine and the likes this can easily take a week. It must be understood that detoxification is only the first step on the long road to recovery.

Short term residential treatment centers in Utah provide treatment for a specified time period. In this approach to residential treatment the addict makes a commitment to staying in the facility for a specified period of time, this can be anywhere from one to three months, at the end of the rehab period the individual is discharged. Although a period of three months is considered short, during this time the addict can at least learn about the aspects of his addiction and how to deal with them. A longer period in residential treatment centers is favored, the recovering addict will be living in a highly structured drug free setting, during this extended residency the addict can deal with such things as future employment, housing and fully understand the patterns of addiction and how to avoid them.

Residential treatment centers in Utah can offer the recovering addict an opportunity to stay in a communal environment that may last as long as a year. This type of rehab is often the best for those that have been imprisoned numerous times for drug related crimes, have problems keeping a job or are in danger of being homeless which often leads to re-incarceration. Long term residential treatment allows the addict to learn the necessary skills to transition to independent, drug free living.

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