Help Reduce Your Infant’s Acid Reflux with a Wedge

by | Oct 5, 2015 | Health

Nothing can be more concerning for a parent than having a baby that is fussy all the time. Infants cry for several reasons; from having soiled diapers to needing to be fed. About twenty-five percent of babies will suffer from gastroesophageal reflux that can be in a mild form of every so often spitting up to a more severe form that causes the baby to vomit often which can make them colicky. To even imagine what your child may be going through, think of the worst heartburn pain you have ever felt. Now imagine feeling that pain and not being able to express to anyone what is going on and you may understand what your infant is going through. You should consult with your baby’s pediatrician if you feel they may be suffering from GER to get a proper diagnosis and to learn how you can help eliminate or ease the discomfort they are feeling. Their doctor may recommend to you to invest in an iInfant reflux sleeping wedge which can help reduce many of the symptoms of GER.

Symptoms of Acid Reflux

  • Your child may even refuse to eat or drink anything since they relate this action to feeling sore or in pain.
  • After your child has finished eating, they can appear to be in severe pain.
  • The infant’s throat will feel sore and appear red when you look into their mouth.
  • They sleep poorly as they will wake up several times during the night from the pain.
  • Another sign of having GER is your child may burp or hiccup often.
  • The baby can have respiratory problems such as apnea, asthma, or difficulty breathing.
  • The infant will choke or gag a lot and can even vomit for hours after they finish eating.

Ease Their Discomfort with the Help of a Quality Wedge from a Reputable Company

When it comes to your child, you only want the best for them. So why take the chance of purchasing wedges that are not effective in easing their discomfort? You should look for an organization that has specially trained medical staff to help you with proper positioning of your baby on the wedge. A good wedge should be orthopedically designed to take the pressure off of the back of your baby’s head. It should also offer both tummy and back lying positions. A well designed infant wedge should help your baby to achieve their developmental milestones.

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