How to Choose Eyeglasses in Derby, KS

by | Dec 28, 2017 | Health

People wear eyeglasses to correct a vision problem so they can see clearly. Eyeglasses are also a part of a person’s face and can even be a fashion statement. Discover how to choose the ideal Eyeglasses in Derby KS.

Determine the Problem

A reputable optometrist performs a routine eye exam to determine the nature of the vision problem. Various eyeglasses might be prescribed, including bifocals to correct vision difficulties seeing far away and up-close. The priority is to find out the perfect prescription to ensure the patient can see when he or she puts on the eyeglasses.

Consider the Lenses

There was a time when eyeglass lenses were made from glass, but today they are usually made from shatter-proof plastic. Lenses are available in different thicknesses, materials, and types. Add-on features might include a scratch-proof coating and lenses that darken in the sunlight.

Select an Attractive Eyeglass Frame

Once a patient gets a prescription and chooses the type of lenses, the next step is to select the right eyeglass frames. Plastic and metal are two standard materials used to create eyeglass frames. From basic frames to designer ones, there are a variety of frames to consider.

Frames That Fit

Eyeglass frames come in a full range of sizes to fit children, small faces, and larger ones. Frames also have different types of nose guard and ear coverings. The goal is to find frames that fit securely to a person’s face that suit his or her overall head size and shape.

Faces and Frames

Often people choose the frame shapes based on their face type. A person with a round face might look the best wearing angular or rectangular frames while someone with a square face may look good in triangular or circular frames. People with oval faces can choose almost any shape frame based on their unique preferences and budgets.

Contact us today to learn more about choosing the right Eyeglasses in Derby KS to correct your vision and make you look great. Our team of professionals can determine your vision problem and help you select eyeglasses that are functional and attractive.

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