How to know when you suffer a food allergies in Evansville IN

A constant runny nose, itchy skin, or even a swollen tongue may indicate the presence of a food allergy. A food allergies in Evansville IN typically occurs moments after eating a certain food and is an immune response from the body. A professional allergy center can diagnose a food allergy so you can know once and for all which foods you need to stay away from. They can provide the assistance you need in finding a remedy or managing your allergy for an improved quality of life.

What happens when you eat food you are allergic to?

Eating food your body is allergic to can create a myriad of responses from the body, some of which are life threatening. The reactions due to food allergies in Evansville IN includes digestive trouble, hives, and swollen air passages. Difficulty breathing, shortness of breath, and swelling are other indicators of the presence of a food allergy. If these symptoms occur, it is important to get help from a professional who can help you determine which foods are the main culprits. Finding out the main perpetrators can protect you from future outbreaks while helping to safeguard your health.

Which foods are common causes of allergies?

There are many different types of foods that may elicit an allergic reaction from the body. The most common types of food that cause an allergic reaction include eggs, wheat, dairy, peanuts, soy, fish, tree nuts, and shellfish. Your allergist will work closely with you or your child to uncover which foods are causing an allergic reaction in the body. These will be put on a list which should be provided to any playdate parents, babysitters, or other care providers such as the child’s teachers.

How to discover a food allergy

An allergy specialist may provide you with a food challenge test in order to discover which foods you are allergic to. This test will be comprehensive in nature and will let you know exactly which foods to avoid.

Often-times reactions are mild and won’t result in a life threatening reaction, however during the test, an allergist needs to be present just to make sure that everything works out as planned. Roughly 6 to 8 percent of kids who are under the age of three are affected by a food allergy and about three percent of adults are also affected. A food allergy is not to be confused with a food intolerance as each situation is treated differently. To get the best diagnosis and treatment, schedule an appointment with an allergist today.

Accredited Asthma, Allergy & Food Intolerance Center can provide the allergy treatment you need for an enhanced life experience. Find out how we can help you for that visit us online.

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