In Search Of A Top Notch Dementia Care Facility? Look Into Regency Memory Care

by | Nov 24, 2016 | Senior Living

A diagnosis of dementia can hit hard, even when it’s expected. It’s frightening for the patient, and it can be frightening for their family as they try to decide how best to care for their loved one. It’s important to know all your options as you try to find the best fit for their needs and yours. Many seniors can still age in place at home in River Edge NJ with their family and at the same time benefit from professional dementia care in a supervised setting that is stimulating, with socialization and activities that can help enrich their lives and in some cases ease cognitive decline.

Regency Memory Care offers alternatives to assisted living facilities, full charge nursing homes, and home care aides. Why a day care program?

  • Assisted living may not offer they type of memory care or services or trained staff a dementia patient needs in order to be safe and secure.
  • A full charge nursing home may be a disorienting experience that exacerbates cognitive decline in a senior is taken away from their familiar environment and family.
  • A home health aide keeps the senior at home, and may not be trained in memory care, or provide the companionship and friendship that dementia patients need.

Regency offers families a better way forward in caring for ageing loved one. More than support for the patient, there is a support group for family members, too. Many of us never expected this to happen, and are dealing with shock, grief, and at the same time trying to mange careers and family life while caring for Mom or Dad. Nothing can make it easy, but with the help of a facility like Regency dementia care in River Edge NJ, it can be easier.

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