When to Schedule Vet Services in Johns Creek For New Pets

by | Dec 5, 2016 | Animal Hospitals

Nearly everyone is aware that pets need an annual visit to their doctor just like their human counterparts. Older animals, dogs and cats with chronic illnesses, and breeding animals generally require more frequent vet checks. One question people often have is when they should bring a pet for their first visit. Here are some guidelines regarding when Vet Services in Johns Creek are recommended.

Staying On Schedule

Pets that were recently adopted from a shelter or previous owner can wait until their normally scheduled appointment as long as there are clear records of their health care and they seem healthy and happy. Shelters may lack a previous health history, but they typically ensure the animal receives all vaccinations and is spayed or neutered before leaving their premises.

Waiting for a While

If purchasing a pet from a licensed and responsible breeder, it is often acceptable to wait a few weeks before bringing the pet in for an exam and immunizations. Professional breeding facilities have pets wormed, immunized, and checked over prior to adopting them out to clients. Waiting can help the nervous baby to relax and feel more secure around a new owner before they go through the somewhat stressful activity of visiting a clinic.

Immediately Receiving Services

Strays and pets from questionable environments need medical care immediately. This is true even if they act and look perfectly healthy. Many diseases can stay hidden for long periods of time but are still dangerous to humans and other animals. Issues like parasite infestations and ear and eye infections are also common. Pets already in the home could be harmed if exposed to a sick animal, so it is always a good idea to quarantine a stray away from other pets until their first vet appointment.

Initial Vet Services in Johns Creek include testing and visual exams that eliminate the concern of common diseases or illnesses. The pets receive all vaccinations needed and have their ears cleaned, nails clipped, and teeth checked and cleaned if necessary. Some may require frequent checkups for booster shots or to monitor any problems that are found. Once all concerns are under control, the pet can then be put on an annual schedule like any other pet. Visit Ahnfc.com to schedule an initial consultation or to contact the clinic for more information.

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