Juvederm in Boise, ID Produces Dramatic Results

Although facial treatments used to be something only wealthy older women took advantage of, that is no longer the case. Young women want to look their best as well and, in some cases, the ideal way to do that is with facial injections. Treatments like Juvederm work on a specific area of the face and help women achieve results right away. There’s really no reason for a young person today to be unhappy with their face.

Benefits of Fillers

Fillers are commonly used for lips but they can also be used to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. While Botox works best on the forehead and around the eyes, women often choose Juvederm in Boise ID for wrinkles around their mouths. Simply smoothing the early signs of wrinkles can make a person look a lot younger and help them feel more confident.

Fillers can be used in the cheeks to lift the skin in the face. This treatment may be beneficial for a woman who has lost a lot of weight and is unhappy with the way her face is sagging. Although the skin may recover quickly for a younger woman, this isn’t usually the case for those over 40. Instead of living with the extra weight because of the effect losing it might have on their face, a woman who wants to improve her health without risking her appearance could benefit from Juvederm injections.

Side Effects

Juvederm in Boise ID has few side effects and is approved for cosmetic use by the Food and Drug Administration. The most common concern with this treatment is bruising or tenderness at the injection site. This should subside in a few days. Other side effects, including lumps and discoloration, could be avoided by choosing a trained provider with a proven track record.

Young women who don’t feel like their lips are full enough can correct that flaw with the help of fillers like Juvederm. The first step is to Book an appointment with an experienced clinician. Clients can expect to have a full consultation prior to receiving the treatment to be sure fillers are the ideal solution. The effects last up to a year, and the procedure needs to be repeated to retain the results.

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