Lasik Vision Correction Surgery Ideal for Athletes

by | Jul 9, 2013 | Eye Care

Lasik vision correction surgery is one of the greatest innovations in sports related eye care in recent history.  Athletes who thought that they would have to wear glasses or contacts for the rest of their lives now have another option.  Glasses can obstruct your view, especially around in your peripheral vision which just happens to be where a lot of the action happens in many sports: football, hockey, basketball, etc.  Contacts are a great alternative to glasses, but they can be difficult to insert and remove, especially if you are squeamish about touching your eye.  You are also at risk of losing a contact during game play, bringing everything to a standstill.  Lasik surgery is a great option for athletes.  If sports is one of your passions, do yourself a favor and correct your eyesight with a more permanent intervention.

Improve Your Game
In the fast pace sports world having clear vision is a must.  Without it, you could miss the biggest play of the game.  You may not see the open man waiting beside the net or miss the pass coming right for you.  If you replace your glasses or contacts with Lasik vision correction surgery, you will improve your game along with your vision.  Not to mention, the need to purchase special sports glasses or keep extra contacts, cases, and solution on hand can be a bit of a hassle.  After a laser eye surgery, you never have to think about corrective eyewear again.

Reduce the Risk of Injury
Not only does perfect vision up your game, it keeps you safe.  With impaired vision, you could miss avoiding a big collision and suffer a serious injury.  Wearing corrective lenses during a game could be a potential threat to your eyes.  If you were to get hit in the face, those glasses could shatter or crack, which could injury your eyes.

Athletes looking to improve their vision should consider the Laser Eye Center of Silicon Valley which has performed Lasik eye surgery for more than one hundred NFL football players and coaches.  Visit to find out more about these athletes and their experience with laser surgery.

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