Perils of Auto Accidents: Injuries

by | Oct 10, 2016 | Healthcare

An auto accident is nasty. Not only is your precious ride damaged or wrecked, your own body could sustain some injuries that vary in severity according to the circumstances surrounding the crash. No one would want it happen to anyone, much less themselves, but with the number of cars on the road and the bad driving of some, chances are you or someone you know have been involved in an auto accident of some magnitude. So it pays to know some of the more serious injuries associated with auto accidents and what you can do about them.

Head and Back Injuries

The blunt force trauma caused by the sudden change in momentum or direction of movement in an auto accident causes much of the injuries associated with these types of accidents. Muscles, ligaments and tendons-these are most often injured in these cases and vary in severity. Whiplash injuries due to the abrupt movement of the head, injuring the neck and back muscles, are an example of this and may affect auto accident victims for a long period of time. The force of the impact may also injure the back in other ways.

The head itself may also be injured if the impact occurs in such a way that the head will be flung against hard parts of the car or if the driver’s head contacts the steering wheel and this may result in a concussion and could lead to potential brain injury.

Chest Injuries

In a frontal collision, the occupants of the car are thrown forward. While some degree of injury will occur due to the large force being exerted by the seatbelt in order to negate the forward motion, this injury is preferable over directly impacting the dashboard or steering wheel. However, the injuries may still be serious enough to warrant medical attention.

Even in some moderate auto accidents, the injury might not be apparent at first. If you do suffer some lingering effects after a collision, it is best to consult a doctor specializing in diagnosing and treating trauma-related injuries. MD Diagnostic Specialists, reachable on, focus on such injuries, employing doctors experienced in diagnosing trauma injuries on the human body, such as those caused by auto accidents. Further information can be garnered on their website. For more information about Orlando Auto accident doctor visit their website.

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