Pet Allergies in Louisville, KY: Finding a Way to Live With Your Furry Friend

by | Jul 13, 2018 | allergy-doctor

Pets can be adorable and add to the overall enjoyment of life. Unfortunately, for some people, life with a pet can be difficult because of allergies. In the past, many people gave up hope of ever having a pet because they couldn’t figure out a way to live comfortably with their furry friend. Today, there are multiple ways that pet and pet owners with allergies can coexist.

Clean Pets

Pet dander is the biggest source of Pet Allergies in Louisville KY. Cats and dogs tend to shed dander. Dander is just another word for dead skin. Most people don’t see it but they can begin to feel the symptoms of coming into contact with it. This includes things like sneezing, itching, or teary eyes. One of the best ways to deal with the dander is to make sure that a pet is kept clean. If a pet sheds a lot, it’s important to brush him or her regularly or use pet wipes to remove some of the dander that is present on the pet’s fur. Regular baths for pets are also a great idea.

Clean Home

Pet dander can find its way into all sorts of places within a home. This means that a person doesn’t need to come into contact with a pet in order to produce symptoms of Pet Allergies in Louisville KY. Instead, lingering dander could be a problem. It’s important to keep a home clean in order to deal with the dander. Keep floors vacuumed. Pick up pet waste every day. Wash things like blankets and sheets that a pet comes into contact with. This can reduce the amount of dander in the home, offering some relief from the allergy symptoms.

Seeing an Allergist

If you suspect that you have pet allergies, it’s time to make an appointment with an allergist. He or she will be able to do testing that can provide insight into what is causing your allergy symptoms. An allergist can also give you more information about managing your allergies while trying to coexist with a pet. Browse our website to learn more about how an allergist can help you.

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