Scans To Detect Cancer Following Treatments

by | Jun 10, 2019 | Medical Equipment

One of the tests that can detect cancer in almost any area of your body or determine where any tumors have spread is a PET scan. It’s similar to other scans that are used to look at details of your body, but you’ll usually have a radioactive tracer injected into your bloodstream. This will allow the doctor to see exactly where certain cells are located.

When you arrive at the PET scan cancer Burbank CA facility, you should wear comfortable clothes, leaving all valuables at home or with someone who is at the center with you. If you’ve been undergoing cancer treatments, then the scan can be used to determine if the treatments are working or if the cancer has spread to other areas. This would mean that further treatment options would need to be considered.

Avoid eating a lot of foods that have a high sugar content the day before the scan. When you get to the PET scan cancer Burbank CA center, you need to let the technician know if you have any other health conditions aside from cancer, such as diabetes. An IV will be started soon after arriving, and a tracer will be injected through the IV line. You’ll wait for a short time before going to the scan area. It only takes about 30 minutes to complete the scan. It’s important to stay still during the test as any kind of movement can impact the final results of the scan. Sometimes, you might be asked to move to a certain position in order for other areas of your body to be scanned. Once the test is complete, you can go home as there are usually no effects from the tracer or the scan itself that you would need to be concerned about. Results are usually available in a few days.

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