Signs Your Loved One Can Benefit From a St. Paul Intervention Program

by | Feb 14, 2024 | Health Consultant

It’s painful to watch a loved one struggle with addiction. You want to give your loved one support without overstepping your bounds, but there comes a time when you have no choice but to intervene. Learn when it’s time to look into a St. Paul intervention program.

Signs Your Loved One Needs an Intervention

The Addiction Has Lead to Serious Consequences

Substance abuse can cause people to behave out of character, which can lead to legal, professional, and personal consequences. If your loved one has ended up arrested or fired due to their addiction, it’s time to give them the help they need before the consequences continue to get worse; hence, the St. Paul intervention program can be of big help.

Your Loved One Rejects Your Efforts to Get Them Help

Some people are in denial about your addiction. An intervention will force your loved one to examine their habits and how those habits have affected them and the people around them. When they see how many people are worried about them, they may finally admit that they need to get help.

Previous Treatment Methods Haven’t Worked

Your loved one may agree to get outpatient help in the form of personal therapy, AA/NA meetings, or outpatient substance abuse treatment. While relapse is common, if your loved one regularly relapses after these treatments, it can indicate that they need to consider a more immersive inpatient treatment program.

If you wait too long, you can end up losing your loved one, either physically or mentally. Contact Drew Horowitz & Associates to learn if a St. Paul Intervention Program can help.

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