Some Facts About Natural Hair Extensions

by | Jul 7, 2017 | Hair Care

It should not come as a surprise to anyone that regularly has extensions installed that not all natural hair extensions are the same. The term “natural hair extensions” is used as a marketing ploy by companies that manufacture and sell extensions. It is a term that gets people’s attention because most people know that “natural hair” is superior to synthetic hair but, and this is the shocker, not in every case is natural better than synthetic. It largely depends on the quality of the hair as to whether natural is best or not.

The Grades of Hair
Natural hair can come from different sources. It can come from donors that have committed to not dying or chemically treating their hair. It can come from off the floor in a beauty shop! Of course, the better-quality hair is the hair that comes from a committed donor and is collected the right way. While both examples result in extensions that are sold as natural hair you can see how the grade would be different. In relation to the different grades the results will be different as well.

The Real Difference
You can tell the difference between lesser quality natural hair and high quality natural hair by:

  • The length of time you get wear out of it
  • Matting, tangles and shedding

It can be hard for the untrained eye to choose high quality hair but after a couple of weeks you will know whether you have high quality natural hair or low quality. The high-quality hair will wear longer, feel better and hold up to styling far better. The lower quality hair will mat, tangle and shed far more than high quality hair does.

How Do You Know?
A lot of people wonder how they will know what quality hair they are buying, it comes down to the source. A trusted source is a must to get the best results. LaCrowne Premium Hair Extensions is a trusted source.

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