The Benefits of Choosing a Medical And Naturopathic Center For Drug Rehab in Toronto

by | Oct 23, 2018 | Health

Most people think of drugs when they hear the word “addict”, but there are many types of addictions that can destroy lives, and a lot of them overlap. That is why, when choosing drug rehab in Toronto, so many clients choose a comprehensive medical and naturopathic center, such as The River Source. Professional staff members work with clients, and offer options that include:

  • NATUROPATHIC DETOX: Patients who choose drug rehab in Toronto facilities are offered a safe, comfortable environment that nurtures them and provides both medical and holistic treatments. Clients’ discomfort is minimized during the 3-10 day process, using a combination of medicines, vitamins, acupuncture, saunas, meditation, and more. Treatment focuses on the mind, body, and spirit.

  • COUNSELING: Experts at Back In Balance Clinic offer one-on-one and group therapy. These are designed to help clients better understand themselves, their behaviors, relationships, and feelings. It allows them to find their strengths and find ways to live their lives fully. Counseling helps with drug and alcohol problems, anxiety, stress reduction, assertiveness, and relaxation. Clients learn to resolve personal issues, and confront problems such as eating issues. They build self esteem, and learn to make difficult decisions, and clarify their choices. Professionals also help clients deal with losing loved ones through death, the end of relationships, and job-loss stress.

  • LIFE COACHING: The facility provides life coaching options for those who want to improve an aspect of their lives. These can include clients who want a promotion or a better job, or are searching for a partner. Coaching can help eliminate destructive habits, or balance work and private lives. Clients may need help to start a business, go back to school, or pass exams. Sessions are friendly, confidential, and relaxed. The client is always in charge, and life coaches do not tell them how to live their lives. They help by using techniques that include listening, asking important questions, and encouraging clients, to help them understand their lives and find needed answers.

Many people today seek help at treatment centers that combine naturopathic and medical treatments to treat addictions and life issues. Clients are helped to de-tox from drug addiction. They are also offered counseling, life coaching, and other treatments to help them resolve a range of life issues that stop them from leading the lives they want.

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