The Benefits of Oral Immunotherapy and Medication to Treat an Allergy in Birmingham, AL

by | Jul 30, 2020 | Health

Irritating symptoms of allergies can cause disruption to everyday activities. Allergic diseases are immunodeficiency conditions that are triggered by an environmental source. Allergies most often cause a reaction in the nose, ear, throat or skin. Some have symptoms that are severe enough to interfere with daily activities. It can affect job performance at work and the worst flare-ups leave a person too sick to go out. An allergist begins treatment for an Oral Immunotherapy Birmingham, AL by diagnosing the allergy, its cause, and finding a treatment plan that targets the source of the allergy. Medical history is a significant factor in allergy care, for it directly relates to the cause of the deficiency in the immune system. Medical health history assessments along with blood and skin allergy testing aids in identifying whether it is environmental inhalants, food, medicine or other substances that the patient is hypersensitive to.

Immunotherapy is a form of allergy treatment that inhibits allergic reactions to dust mites, pollen, bee venom and more. It has a similar effect to vaccinations. The patient is given small doses of the allergen to build an immunity. Doses are increased over time as the body builds a tolerance for it. The patient will build a defense for the allergy to largely reduce or eliminate symptoms. Immunotherapy also reduces inflammation associated with asthma and rhinitis. Those suffering from allergies go to a medical office for Allergy in Allentown PA to work this their allergist and find an effective form of treatment. They first discover what sets off an allergic response and how many things they are allergic to. Then a made-to-order immunotherapy plan is implemented. The best candidates for immunotherapy are those who have two or more allergies.

Medication is effective in neutralizing symptoms of allergies. Those with severe allergies and symptoms that interfere with everyday activities can find relief with pharmaceutical treatment. Allergy medication reduces symptoms down to mild, or gets rid of symptoms completely for a given period of time. Medication is beneficial to individuals who need to be symptom free during the day at work or for other daily activities. They take one or two doses when needed, and go on with the day.

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