The No List: 5 Skin Care Ingredients to Avoid

by | Jan 8, 2016 | Health

Sometimes the products that we put on our body can be just as harmful as certain unhealthy foods and chemicals we ingest. Various moisturizers, lotions, soaps, and cosmetics contain hazardous chemicals that are linked to multiple illnesses, including cancer. Some of these cosmetics aren’t even evaluated under the FDA! There’s a way to avoid this, though, and never worry about absorbing chemicals through your skin again. By opting to choose natural and organic skin care, you can entirely avoid the harmful and often unnecessary ingredients commonly found in skin care products. Here are some of the biggest offenders when it comes to problematic ingredients:

1. Sodium laurel sulfate.
This ingredient, commonly found in shampoos, can contribute to acne and cause general skin irritation. If you’ve ever suffered from “bacne”, the sodium laurel sulfate in your shampoo might be the culprit, as your shampoo is likely to drip down your neck and back as you rinse.

2. Parabens.
Parabens, which are often found in makeup and moisturizer, can cause developmental disorders. They can also disrupt your endocrine system, according to Livestrong.

3. Petroleum.
Petroleum is commonly found in cosmetics, and often contains impurities that can cause cancer. Petroleum can also cause a variety of irritating skin conditions.

4. Fragrance.
Fragrance is found in almost every product nowadays, but buying fragrance free will keep away irritation, allergic reactions, and the absorption of unnatural chemicals. Often, pthalates are found in fragrances, which have been linked to breast cancer, says a report from the National Institute of Health. If there were ever a reason to shy away from that lovely–yet artificial–flower scent in your shampoos and lotions, it’s this.

5. Polyethylene.
If you’ve ever used a non-organic exfoliating scrub, you’re already acquainted with polyethylene. Those tiny scrubbing beads found in face and body scrubs are often made from polyethylene, a chemical that can not only irritate your skin, but is often contaminated with carcinogenic chemicals. Organic scrubs without this chemical are not only safer, but extremely effective, as demonstrated by skinnyskinny. Exfoliating sugar scrubs can even be made at home with a variety of ingredients; there’s no need for chemicals.

When it comes to avoiding these and other harmful chemicals, your best bet is to go organic. By using natural skin care products made from organic materials, you bypass the effects of nasty chemicals, and keep your skin happier and healthier. Avoid the added stress of worrying about what you’re putting on your skin, and try out some organic products. Chances are, you’re likely to feel the difference and see the positive results, and never go back to chemical-laden products again.

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