The Remarkable Advantages of 3D and 4D Ultrasound Technology

3D ultrasound is an advanced technology that renders three-dimensional representations of a fetus during pregnancy. The multiple techniques involved can also be applied to enhanced cardiac visualization, biopsies and certain other diagnostic procedures.

The Advantage of 3D Ultrasound

At one time, an unborn fetus could only be imaged in two dimensions with grainy quality. New techniques utilized by a 3D ultrasound machine, however, can now produce remarkably clear 3D images. With 4D functionality, these machines can also show images in motion.

How It Works

3D ultrasound machines use soundwaves, just like standard ultrasound machines. It’s proven to be a safe method of assembling clear and high-quality three-dimensional results. These images are a real step up that help make measurements, determine gender and let parents see up-close images of their baby while it’s still in the womb.

A 3D ultrasound machine can also put these images into motion, called 4D ultrasound, with a combination of soundwaves and Doppler. These images can show the child’s movement, including smiling and yawning, and make a valuable keepsake to show family and friends.

3D Ultrasound Equipment

There is a range of 3D imaging machines available that are designed with the latest technologies for usability and comfort. These features include intuitive and ergonomic lightweight designs that can be moved from the front and back and feature tilting screens and rotating control panels.

An Exceptional Ultrasound Resource

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