The Types Of Substance Abuse Treatment Programs Available

by | Nov 21, 2015 | Health

Substance abuse treatment in Minnesota is typically classified into different types and approaches. There is residential treatment available, both long and short term as well as outpatient treatment programs, individual and group counseling.

Most programs start with detoxification; this is considered the first step in any type of treatment. Detox is the process the body goes through to rid itself of barbiturates. Detox alone does not address the social, psychological or behavioral problems that are associated with any type of substance abuse; as a result detox on its own rarely will produce any log lasting behavioral changes that are an absolute must for recovery. Detoxification is a process that often is accompanied by severe side effects which if not managed properly may result in death. Often, detox is managed with doctor prescribed medications in either an inpatient or an outpatient setting.

Residential treatment, whether long term or short provides around the clock care in non-hospital treatment centers. Often the long term treatment program will run from six months to a year and are modeled on the “therapeutic community” approach. Short term residential programs on the other hand often run for a period of time from three to six weeks and are often based on a modified 12 step program that was originally developed to treat alcoholism. Short term residential treatment usually is followed with extended periods of outpatient therapy and involvement in self-help groups.

Outpatient substance abuse treatment in Minnesota can vary considerably in both the services that are offered and the intensity of such services. Outpatient services cost considerably less than residential services, it is frequently the most practical option for people who are employed, but it must be stressed that social support is a must. There are low-intensity programs, these are more akin to drug education programs, those that are abusing substances are better off in intensive day treatment which in a sense can be compared to residential treatment in services offered and effectiveness.

Individual counseling focus on ending substance abuse as well as addressing areas which are related, such as impaired function, illegal activities and social relationships. The emphasis is often on accomplishing short term goals but the strategies employed helps the individual develop his or he own strategies to cope with and abstain from the continued use of drugs and alcohol. Group counseling sessions capitalize on the reinforcement that comes from peer discussion. Positive results are achieved when group sessions and individual counseling sessions are combined.

Adolescent day treatment, family therapy and individual therapy are available to those who seek substance abuse therapy in Minnesota. You are invited to contact Options Family & Behavior Services for further information.

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