Things you Must Know Before Approaching Physical Therapists in Voorhees, NJ

by | Apr 13, 2020 | Healthcare

Most orthopedic surgeries are followed by physical therapy sessions. These sessions entail dealing with joint, bone, muscle and nerve problems that cause pain, inhibit motion, and sometimes reduce strength. Physical therapists in Voorhees, NJ are presented with the job of giving patients a new lease of life by helping them regain their mobility and functions after surgeries or accidents.

Before any treatment begins, physical therapists must assess the individual in order to come up with a tailored treatment plan. This will include checking the individual’s medical history, the current problems and future treatment. The only way therapists can determine the best treatment is by evaluating the cause of the person’s problem.

Physical therapists in Voorhees, NJ use a variety of techniques in treatments, manual, and machine based. Manual treatment methods include soft tissue mobilization, massage, therapeutic exercises/activities and manipulation. Afterwards, patients are taught how to maintain the results achieved during therapy in posture, prevention and ergonomic education.

It is crucial to follow your physical therapist’s instructions during and after therapy. Many people who experience the same problem over and over do not follow their therapist’s recommendations. The physical therapist should give you instructions for you to perform therapeutic exercises at home to facilitate recovery. If anything sounds unclear, it is up to you to confirm before being discharged.

Physical therapists are not allowed to initiate a treatment plan without full consent from the patient. In physical therapy, patients have the right to participate in decision making. As a patient, you must understand the goals and the desired outcome before proceeding with the treatment plan.

You must also understand that according to most physical therapists in Voorhees, NJ, painful treatments and exercises are not an indication of effectiveness. Physical therapy is not a form of torture. The attitude of ‘no pain, no gain’ does not always hold true. However, there are some treatments that are just painful in nature especially when the patient’s condition is complicated, like a frozen shoulder or a knee cap replacement. The main aim of physical therapy should be to relieve pain and assist patients to return to their optimal condition and not inflict pain.

You must also understand that some regimens like massages performed by therapists are not always similar to what you experience at the spa. The main aim of a massage in physical therapy is to tone your muscles, decrease tightness, and enhance tissue mobility. The therapist will identify a specific muscle that may be inflamed causing a lot of pain and then focus on working on that muscle. Physical therapists in Voorhees, NJ will always look for a way to simplify exercises that you think you cannot manage. This goes a long way to ensure you recover quickly.

There are many things that you may not know about physical therapists in Voorhees, NJ. If you are interested in getting physical therapy, you need some basic information to get you started. Check out website for more information!

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